What is MeiYoSen?

MeiYoSen is a campany name dictionary created by KTS.

MeiYoSen is a cloud service for use to patent researches, analyses and so on by referring to corporate information which includes Applicant’s Identification number given by the Japan Patent Office, name, address, historical transition and corporate group.

MeiYoSen can “visualize” corporate information that changes due to the existence of fluctuations in name spellings, and name change, corporation merger & acquisition and corporate split-up.

MeiYoSen’s Four Major Functions

Easy Search Operation

Related ID

Related ID information can be shown as a list which tells the relations of different companies with the same name or the same campany with different IDs etc. by using Applicants’ Identification Numbers.

Transitional Map

Campany name changes that have occurred since 1990 can be shown in a map format based on information collected by our own research.

Corporate Group

Corporate group information can be shown as a list which has a group corporate structure in hierarchy, indicating the relationship of a parent and subsidiaries, each business and so on obtained from our own research.

Scenes where MeiYoSen shines

  • Patent search and research Improve research accuracy

    With MeiYoSen reviewing applicants obtained from a result of classification or technical term search, you can find objects that should be added, such as slightly different names and related group companies. Also you can find a different campany with the same name. As a result, missing information and noise are reduced, which improves the quality of research.

  • Statistics and Analysis Improve reliability and understanding.

    MeiYoSen allows to verify applicant’s information that is likely to be overlooked, so that you can create a statistic population set, which is critical in statistical analysis, with no missing information and less noise.

    This will also help you understand the results of the analysis.

  • Marketing and Sales Activities Acquire highly accurate and systematic information

    Utilization of MeiYoSen is not limited to patent researches and analyses. By investigating the trends of competitors, it may be possible to obtain a fresh dimension in marketing and sales activities. Adding patent perspective with daily research activities will make you get a chance to find a breakthrough.

  • Corporate Management and Executive Meetings Expedite business decision

    Transitional map clearly indicates corporate historical transitions of M&A and Split-up of a targeted campany.

    And corporate group information of a target campany tells the relations of parent and subsidiaries either in or out of the industry segments.

    Utilizing various information acquired by MeiYoSen in executive meetings and managerial decisions allows to gain effective business results even in a situation where quick and correct decision is required.

Recorded Data (as of September 2019)

The recorded data in MeiYoSen is created based on the information in the electronic publications issued by the Japan Patent Office.
In addition, various kinds of corporate information useful for research and analysis work collected by our own research are included.

1.Recorded Data Based on the Electronic Publications issued by the JPO

Type of publications Year Range of the Dates of issue
Patent Utility Model
Unexamined Publication 1993-2019 1993-2006
Publication of PCT 1996-2019 1996-1998
Re-publication of PCT 1996-2019
New Utility Model 1994-2019
Examined Publication 1994-1996
Granted Publication 1996-2019 1996-2010
Publication information Patent Utility Model
Number of Publications 14,940,00 cases 745,000 cases

2.Recorded Data by Our Own Research

Items Descriptions of Contents Volume
Corporate Transitional Information Mapping information of corporate name change, merger & acquisition and split-up. 1,379 groups /
8,600 cases
Corporate Group Summarized information on a corporate group to which a targeted campany belongs, which includes information on the hierarchical relationship between member campanies. 880 groups /
45,060 cases
Related ID Collecting variant spellings under single Applicant’s Identification Number, identifying the same entity by Applicant Identification number, verifying different entities having the same campany name, etc. 5,744 groups /
19,700 cases
Period of Existence Period of existence under the same campany name 7,040 cases
Popular name, Short name and Brand name The information for search for a campany by its Popular name, Short name and Brand name 4,770 cases

Demonstration Version (Japanese interface only)

If you would like to try MeiYoSen demonstration version, please contact us by email.
MeiYoSen demonstration version has limited number of accumulation.

If you have any questions, please email to
ATTN: KTS Marketing & sales promotion division